Mrs. Tracey Butler


Dear Parents,

I have uploaded all of my beginning of the year documents on this website under the Downloads tab. In person students will receive paper copies of these. The Student Information Sheet will need to be filled out and returned to the teacher. The one I have uploaded here can be filled out online using the text boxes provided. You will also receive (or see) my Welcome Letter and Classroom Procedures packet. The Classroom Procedures packet will need to be signed, shown to my sub, and then kept in the students' binder for quick reference. Parents of online students can just shoot me an email letting me know that you and your student have read and understand the procedures for my classroom. All of these documents will also be available in Schoology.

Parents AND Students - Please, sign up for Remind. It is a fabulous communication tool that keeps you informed about EVERYTHING that is going on in class AND at our school!! Just an FYI - At some point in the year I may have to create a 2nd class because Remind only allows 150 members per class. I will simply move students/parents according to your last name (starting with last names beginning with the letter A).

Here is the number to text: 81010 or (951) 251-1191

Text this message: @dcjags2022


You can open web browser from your
smartphone and follow the instructions to sign up.

Student Email:

For trouble logging into Student Email either go to the DCMS homepage and click on Student Email Help or to fill out a Tech Help Ticket. Please, provide an alternate email address or phone number where you can receive updates about the progress being made toward your ticket request. (You may want to save the site for future reference due to the other Quick Links listed on this page.)

Student Email Username - lowercase first initial, lowercase last initial and the LAST 6 digits of his/her MSIS number  Plus 


Student Email Password - the LAST 6 digits of his/her MSIS number

Example: 234567



myWorld Geography & Citizenship for Mississippi


Click the 6-12 Savaas/Pearson Textbook Icon

Once in the textbook, you should see 3 icons (Browse, Classes, and Grades) click on the Classes icon. Students will click on the programs icon under their class period and choose our textbook. They can then see each topic of the textbook listed. Once a topic is selected the student will be able to see each lesson. This will allow them access to a digital copy of the textbook as.

( is Subject AND Book Specific. Google Chrome seems to be the best browser for Pearson but use whatever you feel comfortable using.) 

6th Grade Science & Social Studies

T Butler

Pearson Online Assignments




My family and I have lived in the Olive Branch/Nesbit area for 25 years. I have been happily married for over 30 years. I have two grown sons (Alex and JT), a shih tzu puppy dog named Maya and our newest edition, LuLu (a border collie).

Here are a few of my favorite things: the Lord, my family, Hilton Head, tennis, cross-stitching, reading, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food, anything chocolate and caramel, rootbeer, sunsets, Starbucks (giftcard), Bath & Body Works (giftcard), snow, manicures/pedicures, spa days, hugs, my students (current and former), and puppies!



                                                                                       I took this picture of a beautiful Hilton Head sunset!



I graduated from Ole Miss With a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I used this degree to further my education by attending TMI (Teach Mississippi Institute) where I earned my teaching credentials for 7th-12th grade Social Studies. 

(Click on The Colonel to go to the Ole Miss Website)


I started out in the Special Education department when this school was just DeSoto Central School nearly 20 years ago. When DeSoto Central Elementary opened I became the library assistant. I held that job for five years before coming to the middle school. I have been here for almost 15 years. I worked with 8th grade inclusion students for 3 years and 7th grade inclusion students for almost 2 1/2 years. I taught 6th grade SS and Science for 5 years. This is my fourth year to teach 7th grade and my third year to teach US History! I am super excited to be teaching another year here at DCMS and cannot wait to see what this year holds!





7th Grade Schedule:

8:10 - 9:05

 1st Period

9:10 - 9:55

 2nd / Break

10:00 - 10:45

 3rd Period

10:50 - 12:10

 4th Period

11:12 - 12:02

** Lunches (see below)

12:15 - 1:00

 5th Period

1:05 - 1:50

 6th Period

1:55 - 2:40

 7th Period

2:45 - 3:30

 8th Period


**1st Lunch

**2nd Lunch

11:12 - 11:36

11:38 - 12:02



US History

Longitude and Latitude Video/Songs
Latitude and Longitude - One Direction Parody

Very Catchy!

Latitude and Longitude (to the tune of "When We Get Together")

The students seemed to like this one better than the One Direciton Parody. Who knew?? ;)

Constitution Games
Bill of Rights Match

This is a fun interactive way for students to check, not only, their understanding of what an Amendment means, but also gives them practice at knowing which number goes with which Amendment. Enjoy! :)

Branches of Government Game

Here is a game for students to play that will help them practice which job goes with which branch of government.

Learn360 Videos

Earth's Layers/Spheres

Continental Drift Theory

Continental Drift

Location of Earth's Tectonic Plates

The Interior of the Earth and Its Core

Formation of Earth's Core

Science Videos
Cell Rap

The students LOVE this rap song that helps them learn the organelles of a cell.


Cell Rap from Teacher Tube

Here is another link just in case the one from youtube doesn't work.


Another Cell Rap with Lyrics

I found this one too. It's a little different but it still tells them the organelles and their functions.

Cells Song to the beat of OneRepublic's Counting Stars Song

This a good one too!!

Flocabulary - Moon Phases

Class Wish List:

Lined 4x6 index cards

Bags of individually wrapped candy --- PLEASE, NO PEANUTS (or prepared in peanut oil) -- some students may be SEVERELY allergic.

Colored chalk (please no sidewalk chalk)

Pencils/Lead (all sizes)

Erasers (block/cap)

Sticky Notes

Notebook paper (students run out very quickly)

Vanilla scented glade plug-in refills

Colored copy paper - multicolored or single color


Thank you for helping our class!!

U.S. History Videos